AI in HR scheduling

optimum roster for home office too


Process of Rostering


Main Functionality of PhiNesse (by modules)


The Forecasting module provides information, predicts future turnover and determines the optimum number of the required workforce – based on historical data.

You can give the starting date of historical data and also assign certain weight to days to be predicted.


With the output of Forecasting (required HR by skill) Rostar helps to plan the optimal shift-roster and then assign the shifts to the appropriate employee.

It takes into account: preferences of employees, labour regulations, employees’ skill- matrix etc.


Shift Wizard handles the daily routine and the ad-hoc requirements e.g. being late, swapping shifts between two agents, applying for overtime etc….


Gamification in motivating employees.

For maximum employee satisfaction PhiNesse can handle their shift preferences in the actual period.


There are two main options: 

– offline : the breaks are scheduled together with shifts at planning time

real time: The breaks are determined in real business situation based on agents’ demand, length of virtual waiting queue and the labour regulations. 


The PHI Coaching Book is an integrated interface where the employees’ performance is monitored.


IT Architecture

– Central DB server

– Application server, that runs most of the business intelligence

– The system has three interfaces to the surrounding enterprise IT  system

  • Traffic data collector (that sends us the real traffic data by skill regularly e.g. it sends each night the data of the previous day)

  • Active Directory where we get the user authentication & authorization from

  • Enterprise HR system (e.g. SAP) from where we receive the annual leaves limitations by employee and the new employees’ data. We send here the real work time and overtime data for payroll.

    There is another possible integration point, called agent status monitoring. If you would like an accurate break management it is absolutely a must. Our break controlling module can work only if these agent status data are real time and valid. You can call our web service if something changes in agent status.

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