History of Phi Division

PHI Division Ltd. was founded in 1997 to solve algorithmic problems that require an extremely high degree of calculation and in addition  cannot be solved in due time so as to be useful in business without the ‘heuristics of finesse’. E.g. the optimal scheduling of worksheets, time sheets, timetables and rosters.
Contrary to the general trend PHI Division was using the computer in a unique way – according to the original idea of Babbage and Neumann in order to perform calculations that could not be made by a spreadsheet program. We wrap up the core of the algorithms with the most up-to-date technology (currently Java web services plus thin clients), but we remain unique by our mathematical knowledge utilizing AI. In our solutions we are aiming at independence of different types of hardware and operation systems by employing Java programming language and runtime environment.

Beside the free Oracle NetBeans IDE we use our own intellectual properties.