Break matrix

A break scheduling algorithm based on the principle of „least frequent break pattern”

Let’s have N pause patterns (substantially different from each other). For simplicity, assign colours to each pattern (red, blue, yellow, green…) We want to determine the colour of a new shift beam without a break, so that the k beams in this group already have a colour. The control principle is: the color of the new beam should be the least frequent color in the time interval of the beam. To do this, we consider the parts of the other already coloured beams (which can be the whole beam if they have a common start) that fall within the time interval of the new beam to be coloured (between the start and the end).


Operation of a multi-skilled automatic floor plan maker (parquet flooring)

Employees’ skills and tasks can be classified into several so-called skills. For each of these skills, separate turnover curve estimates are made. How can the available worker resources be used most efficiently to produce a shift plan that ideally covers these plan curves? The area under the curve for each skill distribution, shows the total amount of resources they require over the plan period. Obviously, somehow the total monthly working time of each worker should be divided in proportion to the skill resource requirements.